12 more days…

Welcome back to Info-Tuesdays.  We are getting ready for the Bridal Trade Show here in West Palm Beach, FL and things are getting kind of hectic.  I promised myself to keep calm and to make sure that I mark off everything on the to-do list. We are looking forward to experiencing our fist trade show.  Even though we are not really an event planning or bridal company, Kissable Retreats will be focus on our Wedding Bliss package.  We consider ourselves to be a concierge service for couples.  It’s like experiencing a service that is custom made for you and your significant other to spice up the romance.  We also have other packages that our brides-to-be can benefit from as well.

In other news, we are excited to announce that we will be doing videos on our YouTube Channel to display the services that Kissable Retreats offers.  We will be featuring activities to do in the city, restaurant experiences, and hearing from couples that have or would like to experience our services. Stay tuned for more information.  Come back and check out our featured couple on Smooch-Thursday.

Until next time, Have a great day and a better tomorrow.


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