MUAH!! Its that time again.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Young-Lalloo


We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Young-Lalloo for being our featured coupled for this week.  The Young-Lalloos are entrepreneurs and complement each other very well I might add.  Let’s just jump right into it shall we. If this is your first Smooch-Thursday,  its the things that keep you going and gets you pass the challenges throughout your journey together.

How long have you been married?

For years now 3 years,  July 7, 2010 is our anniversary.

What are your occupations?

My husband is a Chef and I am a Baker.

What activities do you do together?

We watch movies, the beach, amusement parks, outdoor events, shopping, playing video games, exercise, and anything else that may sparks our interest.

What advice would you have for other married couples?

Always remember to have fun and be honest and understanding. Communication is very important as long as each person is listening as much as they are talking.

What is a small unknown fact no one knows about you both as a couple? 

Now any normal girl is into the sappy sentimental movies like the Notebook or musicals like Glee or Les Mis, but when my husband found out i would much rather watch a dark gritty revenge thriller or a foreign thriller like the original Girl with the dragon tattoo, he was in movie heaven and realized he found the perfect movie companion.

Name your SMOOCH! Smooch meaning the one thing that gets the both of you pass the challenges throughout your journey together?

Our SMOOCH is prayer and conversations under the stars.

Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. Young-Lalloo.

If you would like to be our featured couple for Smooch-Thursday, email us at  To make a lasting impression visit for your next date night.

Kissable Retreats…..Taking the worry out of romance ;-)


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