Live. Laugh. Love.

Good Morning!! Meet Mr.and Mrs Daniel Barber


How long have you been married?

For almost 4 years now,  April 22 is our anniversary.

What are your occupations?

I’m a Manager of Website Delivery and my husband is Director of IT.

What activities do you do together?

We spend time with Jake & family, travel, foodies and outdoor activities

What advice would you have for other married couples?

Always put your marriage above anything else.

What is a small unknown fact no one knows about you both as a couple? 

We are hoping to be blessed with another miracle.

Name your SMOOCH! Smooch meaning the one thing that gets the both of you pass the challenges throughout your journey together?

Our SMOOCH, is laughing.

Thank you again Mr. and Mrs. Barber We would like to send you an early Happy Anniversary from Kissable Retreats 😉

If you would like to be our featured couple for Smooch-Thursdays, email us at  To make a lasting impression visit for your next date night.

Kissable Retreats…..Taking the worry out of romance ;-)


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