Wine Tastings….

Good Morning Everyone!! Happy Tuesday!! Things are moving in slow motion but at least it is moving.   Great things come to those who wait right?  We will soon be available for wine tastings for you and your guests.  It will include wine pairing and of course we all will add our own twist to it.  Stay tuned, we will be serving both Central and South Florida.

In other news we will be posting another video on the Deerfield Beach Food and Wine Festival at the end of the month.  I promise it will be longer then our first….lol.  On our YouTube channel we would like to feature potential ideas for date nights.  We will actually take you out on the dates with us to share the experience.   You will also hear from our most recent clients that have experience our services.  We will feature something new every month and if you would like to see it more often, just let us know. Stay tuned for the Food and Wine festival.  Have an awesome day and do something EPIC!!!

To subscribe to our YouTube channel click here>>> Kissable Retreats TV

Kissable Retreats – Taking the worry our of Romance…. 😉


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