Beer Battered Cupcakes and Wine

Good Morning all,

The Food and Wine festival was a little different this year.  As I mentioned on our vlog there were more people, but that was not the issue.  They actually ran out of some of there goodies.  Yes I go for goodies too. It kind of took away from the experience for me, nevertheless The Naked Grape wine saved the day.  I was able to try all of the different wines The Naked Grape had to offer.  I can say that some wines have been added to my favorites as well. You will have to watch the video to see which ones. There were well known restaurants  there such as, Smokey Bones, Trulucks, and The Melting Pot.  Super Dave had the best pull pork sandwiches ever!!!


The beer battered cupcakes were to die for and went well with Martini’s Moscato D’ansti .   This is just a small piece of what Kissable Retreats will be displaying.   I have a surprise coming in the next couple of weeks and I cant wait to share it.  There will be many more experiences to share with you on our YouTube channel, in turn you can take those experiences and make them your own and add your twist.  We build the dates so you can enjoy them.  Remember to like, comment and subscribe on our channel.   The link is provided below.  Have a great week!!!

YouTube Channel

Kissable Retreats – Taking the worry out of Romance…… 😉


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