Getting to know me…

my photoGood Afternoon, My name is Rebekah and I am President and Owner of Kissable Retreats, LLC.  I get a lot of questions like: What is  Kissable Retreats is all about?  What is it that you actually do? and How did you come up with the idea?

Kissable Retreats is a concierge service that caters to couples.  We create the dates and all couples have to do is come and enjoy the festivities.  We can provided pleasures from a personal chef prepared moroccan style picnic right on your living room floor to planning a romantic getaway for two. That is just a small synopsis of what we can provide for our couples.

I graduated from from University of Central Florida, since the age to 12 I said that I wanted to be in the computer field.  Being determined not to changed my major no matter how hard it was for me I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. During that time the economy was on its way down.  I was becomng a new mother and I realized that I will not be in my field of study for a while.  After soul searching I found that  I really loved the element of surprise and I coordinated a girls serenity weekend.  I booked the rooms, spa treatments, and made reservations to the restaurant.  They all loved it and said it was my calling.

After researching the market I new i had to come up with a very unique niche and thus Kissable Retreats was born.  With the economy being unstable families tend shift their focus to keep their foundations stable.  Most don’t have the time to take out for themselves so I thought it was a great idea to create a service that caters to couples, now I  am not excluding girls or guys night out, but then again I am.  Catering to Couples is what I want Kissable Retreats to  be know for-bringing the spark back into romance. You never know you may be my next client.

Thank you for taking the timeout  to learn a little more about me and Kissable Retreats LLC. Until next time have a great day and a better morning.

-Rebekah Mitchell

Kissable Retreats LLC – Taking the worry out of romance… 😉


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