Create your own adventures.

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you Friday morning when well!  On our Youtube channel we try to highlight activities couples can do together.  Not only do we provided services of setting up date nights or staycations for our couples.  We want to offer our couples ideas on different activities they can experience together.  I have come across couples that want to stay in their comfort zones and that is okay.  We are here to make your quality time effortless.

Hence our new video on Youtube, it is a food tour on South Beach from our point of view.  I think it was pretty good, so good that it will make you want to try it in your area or visit South Beach to experience it for yourself.  If you browse through Youtube often then make sure to pay us a visit and maybe even subscribe to watch our new videos postings in the future.  You can watch the food tour here here>>>>

Have an awesome Friday!!!

If you would like to be our featured couple for Smooch-Thursday, email us at  To make a lasting impression visit for your next date night.

Kissable Retreats…..Taking the worry out of romance ;-)


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