Had a Staycation lately?

What is better than taking a vacation in your city. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, we do not have the time to see what the city has to offer.  If you’re a workaholic like me then you have to make yourself take a break from time to time.  I took the liberty of being a tourist in my own city.  I went to restaurants I heard about but did not have time to visit.  I experienced activities like drinking wine and painting and enjoyed a wine tasting class.

Staycation ;-)

Vacationing in your own back yard! Being a tourist in your own city gives a different outlook on where you live.  You find out about the latest attractions, best restaurants, or even festivals that you would not have to time to visit other know that they even exist. You get to experience why people flock to your area ……or not. For whatever occasion you would like to celebrate whether it is your anniversary, birthday, or just some quality time try exploring your city.  It can be an exciting adventure through new eyes.  Try staycationing in your town/city and come back and tell us about your experience.  Stay tuned for my own experience in the city of West Palm Beach, FL.  Okay it’s not my city but it’s not even 30 mins. away . lol.

Kissable Retreats…..Taking the worry out of romance ;-)


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