Welcome July!!!

sign1It is now July and half of the year is gone.  Have you carried all of the goals you set out to do.  It is most definitely a learning process to change your way thinking from working a 9 to 5 and transitioning into entrepreneurship.  Here are a few tips and tricks I found while searching on the internet.


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Half the year gone and still in full gear.

This is our official song for 2014


Happy Monday!!! It is hard to believe that we are half through the year. We have been involved in so much already. We want to thank you our followers for supporting our journey thus far. Earlier this year we did the South Florida Wedding Trade Show, which allowed us to be featured in PBG Lifestyle Magazine (Bridal venue). In their June issue. We still have alot more in store. Stay tuned and remember to #StayKissable.


Kissable Retreats – Taking the worry out of romance… 😉

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Sky diving anyone?

yay-576161   Are you a adventurous or spontaneous type of couple.  Then sky diving maybe something you may want to try with your significant other. There are so many types of outdoor activities such as zip lining, water rafting and so much more.  you could do together. It is always good to experience things together and hopefully the experience is a good one that will bring you closer. Remember you only live once and what is better sharing an  amazing experience with someone you love.


Kissable Retreats – Taking the worry out of romance… 😉

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Had a Staycation lately?

What is better than taking a vacation in your city. Sometimes with the hustle and bustle of life, we do not have the time to see what the city has to offer.  If you’re a workaholic like me then you have to make yourself take a break from time to time.  I took the liberty of being a tourist in my own city.  I went to restaurants I heard about but did not have time to visit.  I experienced activities like drinking wine and painting and enjoyed a wine tasting class.

Staycation ;-)

Vacationing in your own back yard! Being a tourist in your own city gives a different outlook on where you live.  You find out about the latest attractions, best restaurants, or even festivals that you would not have to time to visit other know that they even exist. You get to experience why people flock to your area ……or not. For whatever occasion you would like to celebrate whether it is your anniversary, birthday, or just some quality time try exploring your city.  It can be an exciting adventure through new eyes.  Try staycationing in your town/city and come back and tell us about your experience.  Stay tuned for my own experience in the city of West Palm Beach, FL.  Okay it’s not my city but it’s not even 30 mins. away . lol.

Kissable Retreats…..Taking the worry out of romance ;-)

Info Tuesday on a Wednesday ;-)

Good Evening Everyone!!! Did your hump day end well?  I just wanted to give all the updates.  I cant decided between the platforms I have created for Smooch Thursday. Next week we will post I will let you decide from your feedback.  We would really appreciate your feedback.  Without it we would not be able to learn your interests.


On October 18, 2013, we will be ending the work week with, Dating in the Single Lane, from our guess writer  Ms. Latasha Mingo. Look out for her as she gives us an awesome prospective on dating. That is all I have for you today.  Still working that schedule out to bring you Kissableness on a consistent basis.  Have a good one and look out for our New and Improved Smooch Thursday next week.

Romanitic TIPS…

Good Afternoon

I know, I know it’s SMOOCH Thursday and we have not been having many lately.  I am working on changing the platform for SMOOCH Thursdays.  I hope you like our over haul ;-).  We will be running a give away on our Facebook page soon and are also gearing up for our next vid for our Youtube channel.  If you have any ideas of what you would like to see please don’t hesitate to reply.  We look forward to interviews from our past couples.  We are also offering advise on LiveNinja.com should you want to ask us questions LIVE .  Look us up!!!  I hope your week is coming to a smooth end.


If you would like to be our featured couple for Smooch-Thursday, email us at info@kissableretreats.com.  To make a lasting impression visit http://www.KissableRetreats.com for your next date night.

Kissable Retreats…..Taking the worry out of romance ;-)

Create your own adventures.

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you Friday morning when well!  On our Youtube channel we try to highlight activities couples can do together.  Not only do we provided services of setting up date nights or staycations for our couples.  We want to offer our couples ideas on different activities they can experience together.  I have come across couples that want to stay in their comfort zones and that is okay.  We are here to make your quality time effortless.

Hence our new video on Youtube, it is a food tour on South Beach from our point of view.  I think it was pretty good, so good that it will make you want to try it in your area or visit South Beach to experience it for yourself.  If you browse through Youtube often then make sure to pay us a visit and maybe even subscribe to watch our new videos postings in the future.  You can watch the food tour here here>>>> http://youtu.be/bB5rgkcIpjs

Have an awesome Friday!!!

If you would like to be our featured couple for Smooch-Thursday, email us at info@kissableretreats.com.  To make a lasting impression visit http://www.KissableRetreats.com for your next date night.

Kissable Retreats…..Taking the worry out of romance ;-)

The feeling of Music…

old music note sheet with flowers  It’s no surprise that music is soothing.  Music marks time for us.  Whenever you hear a song you remember the time, the place you heard it, and how you were feeling at that exact moment.   Events also cause tunes to stick out in our minds.  Music can be the best healer.  What else can music do?  We have established that it can set the mood.  It can make you feel differently about  your surroundings.

We encourage our couples to use music during their romantic endeavors.  It is amazing how far it takes you.  We often like to keep a log of songs for our couples.  Do you know of any romantic or soothing music to set the mood just right?  Please leave some suggestions.

Till next time have a wonderful day and a better tomorrow.

Kissable Retreats – Taking the worry out of Romance… 🙂

Dating…. O_o

After finding that special someone, meeting the parents, getting aquatinted with each other’s peers.  The logically thing would be marriage right?  So what now, do you still date this person you fell in love with?  Could it possibly be anything new to find out about them?  Does dating stop after marriage?


In my opinion no, dating never stops and yes people always grown through life experiences.  Life experiences are always changing our perspective on how we live, interact other people and also our significant others.  Life does not end after taking a vow to spend the rest of your life with someone.  You should continue to date your spouse/partner.  Im sure you will discover something you did not know before.  This is could be an exciting experience for the both of you.  Be creative, open minded an willing to accept your partner’s growth.  If your already doing this Congratulations! It is a way of keeping everything fresh and new.  Let me know what you think?  Does dating stop after marriage?  Leave a comment, we would live to hear your feedback.

Kissable Retreats – Taking the worry our of Romance… 😉

Getting to know me…

my photoGood Afternoon, My name is Rebekah and I am President and Owner of Kissable Retreats, LLC.  I get a lot of questions like: What is  Kissable Retreats is all about?  What is it that you actually do? and How did you come up with the idea?

Kissable Retreats is a concierge service that caters to couples.  We create the dates and all couples have to do is come and enjoy the festivities.  We can provided pleasures from a personal chef prepared moroccan style picnic right on your living room floor to planning a romantic getaway for two. That is just a small synopsis of what we can provide for our couples.

I graduated from from University of Central Florida, since the age to 12 I said that I wanted to be in the computer field.  Being determined not to changed my major no matter how hard it was for me I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. During that time the economy was on its way down.  I was becomng a new mother and I realized that I will not be in my field of study for a while.  After soul searching I found that  I really loved the element of surprise and I coordinated a girls serenity weekend.  I booked the rooms, spa treatments, and made reservations to the restaurant.  They all loved it and said it was my calling.

After researching the market I new i had to come up with a very unique niche and thus Kissable Retreats was born.  With the economy being unstable families tend shift their focus to keep their foundations stable.  Most don’t have the time to take out for themselves so I thought it was a great idea to create a service that caters to couples, now I  am not excluding girls or guys night out, but then again I am.  Catering to Couples is what I want Kissable Retreats to  be know for-bringing the spark back into romance. You never know you may be my next client.

Thank you for taking the timeout  to learn a little more about me and Kissable Retreats LLC. Until next time have a great day and a better morning.

-Rebekah Mitchell

Kissable Retreats LLC – Taking the worry out of romance… 😉